Peggy Jean's Pies: Rebecca Miller

For my capstone class, we were to do a profile on a job of some kind, and I chose to do mine on Rebecca Miller of Peggy Jean's Pies.

She's the co-owner alongside her mother, Jeanne Plumley, and they've almost reached their one year anniversary. The original Peggy Jean's Pies opened in 1994 under Jeanne Plumley and her friend Peggy Day, but they had to close after being opened for ten years due to Peggy's failing health.

Rebecca and her mother wanted to reopen because of their passion for pies and the people they serve them to. They were greeted upon reopening with lots of customers and a busy year of baking. 

They ultimately are dreaming of franchising and "world pie domination," but they're afraid the quality of their pies could suffer under franchising, because they don't believe in freezing their food.

I really enjoy working with Rebecca. I was planning to photograph her at home with her family, but she had to reschedule due to some family things. But overall, I feel like my pictures could have been a bit stronger, but the environment at Peggy Jean's is so hectic and everyone moves around so much that I feel like I managed well. The lighting was my biggest problem due to the fact that the space has windows in the front of a long room, with tungsten lights toward the back.